Tracy Bird


I started my business in May 2017 after having my youngest daughter. I knew I couldn’t go back to work in retail and miss weekends, special occasions and have someone else dictate my life to me. I’d always wanted to study nails when I left school but there was a stigma of being thick if you went down the vocational route!! This is something I would love to change. With family pressure I studied my A levels, but refused to go to university despite pressure from family. As my friends went off to university I became an assistant manager for a well known accessory retail chain. I was a store manager shortly after my 19th birthday and continued to be promoted, running a district for 6 months, multi site management, training new store managers and turning around underperforming stores.

My daughters were my inspiration for finally starting a business that I knew I had a passion for, that I knew would change my family’s life. I had the drive and ambition to change things to see their milestones and to be there for them on a day to day basis. I often use the skills from my previous job roles in my business today.

I started my first course in manicure and pedicure followed by a gel polish course then gel nail extensions. I always ensure my training courses are accredited and of the highest quality. Once I had established myself with nails I branched out to eyelash extensions. This is where my passion lies. I love creating a set of lashes for each client I have. There is so much more to it than you may think. I use your eye shape and age to create a look that suits YOU! I have also added henna brows, tinting, lash lifts and waxing to my repertoire.  I am committed to continuing to add to my training with new treatments in the future.

My dreams for my business were simple. I wanted to be able to spend time with my daughters and replace my part time income with my business. I achieved this in under 6 months! Such an amazing feeling and now I’m aiming to expand my business as my daughters grow up. January 2019 I aim to work 5 days a week.

The best part of being self employed has to be running my business as I see fit. Whether that’s when I want to work or deciding to train in something new. I make the choices and the effects of those choices, good or bad, lie with me.

I love networking with other ladies and finding out what they do and why they do it. Every SLiB mornig I meet a new person with a story to tell. I’m going to use these ladies businesses before I search the internet to find what I’m looking for. There’s a personable approach and it’s nice to get to know the person behind a business. I have also gained new clients from SLiB.

Running your own business is motivating and inspiring in itself. I don’t wake up and dread Monday mornings. I love them! I know that sounds really cheesy but it’s true. I wake up every day and get to do a job I love; that enables me to spend time with my young daughters and it pays the bills! My daughters are both my motivation and inspiration. I want to be a role model for them. Someone they can be proud of and look up to. They both already pay an interest in what I do, so who knows what the future holds, maybe a family beauty empire!!!

My ultimate goal for my business is to work full time when my daughters are in school and to be fully booked 2 weeks ahead of time. I want to continue adding new treatments and offer up to date beauty treatments that others in this area are not.

My top tips for ladies starting out in business or those already in business are:

  1. Have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself. Others will if you do.
  2. It takes time to get established, don’t expect miracles in a month.
  3. Have a way of promoting yourself whether it is social media, a website or something else.

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