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“Have you been Louise’d yet?”

A couple of Friday’s ago we bought some delicious sticky cakes and went to visit one of our lovely ladies, Louise Newton whose business is called ‘Style by Louise’. Louise is based at 20 The Crescent, Taunton Somerset.

Louise offers personal styling for all. For this she can identify your particular colours which suit your complexion, offer styling tips on clothing – which can involve personal shopping expeditions and she sells beautiful make-up and beauty products.

Louise explained to us that when she identifies people’s colours she takes 3 things into consideration, the colour of their hair, skin and eyes.  By looking at the client, Louise can tell which dominant colour they are, your main colour then gives you a palette of 30 colours or more which would help you to look fabulous. This is solely dependent on depth and clarity of which colour you can wear. Some people are more suited to clear, bright colours, others are more suited to more muted and softer shades. When you find your right colours, they can make you radiant, make you feel and look your best. When she then ‘prescribes’ the make-up too, it just enhances the look further and her clients start to glow.

She emphasises that everything she does is to enhance a client’s natural beauty, so they feel good every day. As many of us often ‘make do’ for a lot of the time, but by wearing the right style of clothes for your personality, in the right colours, it can make you look and feel amazing, even in just jeans, a top, boots and a jacket for example. In the long run you can save money as you only are going to buy the clothes that suit and fit you. Shopping can suddenly become so much easier. It won’t happen overnight though Louise warns, it takes time and no-one can afford to throw everything away out of their wardrobes. You may have to work with what you have got, perhaps putting different combinations together out of the clothes that you already own.

Louise moved to Somerset about 15 years ago and soon after started a course in Hair and Beauty Therapy at what is now Taunton and Bridgwater College. It was whilst she was completing this course that she first came across the colour consultation theory, she couldn’t afford to treat herself at that moment in time, but wow, does she work her magic on her own styling now! After she qualified she started her own business offering a mobile service of hair and beauty.

Last year Louise realised that she wanted to develop her career by doing something which really helped people and made a difference, a business which she could grow for years to come. After much deliberation she made the decision to complete the ‘Colour Me Beautiful Course’ which covered colours, make-up and style. She graduated as a Full Image Consultant, however Louise prefers to use the term Personal Stylist as she feels that this is more relevant to the ‘normal’ person in the street.

When asked, she tells us that her clients will go to her for a variety of reasons:

  • They may feel as though they have lost themselves after having children, they may not know how to dress because they don’t feel like the same person as before.
  • They may be ‘making do’, throwing on any clothes they have in the wardrobe, most of which may be impulse buys and don’t suit them.
  • Some people hit a certain age and see it as a mile stone.
  • Some have fear of not feeling as attractive to their partners as they used to be.
  • For some it can be after major illness and need some help. A ‘pick me up’.

Louise explains that this can be an emotional journey, generally women can be hard on themselves as they are often the backbone of the family. They religiously look after everyone, but when they stand in front of the mirror, all they see are negatives. It’s her focus to help people appreciate themselves. She obviously can’t disclose who she has as her clients, but she says the difference in them is that they now sparkle and hold themselves differently. They look successful, confident, not necessarily ‘glammed up’ but wearing the right clothes for their shape, plus the right sized bra, which is vital!

So what are Louise’s goals for the future?  Eventually Louise would like to expand her business to a larger premises, to be able to have more space and to create an environment where women can come together to talk and ‘just be’. She enjoys being self- employed for the flexible it offers for her family life. She insists that she will always represents the ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ brand and will always be professional but her business has to reflect her own character too.

Networking has helped Louise enormously and her business is developing well, due to Somerset Ladies in Business, with many word of mouth recommendations. Our ladies are often being asked in our meetings “Have you been Louise’d yet?” She says that by attending the group it brings her out of herself when at times she can feel overwhelmed by running her business, this is natural and common issue when self-employed but she always learns new skills or information which can help her in her daily working life.

When asked what we should be wearing for Christmas, Louise said that we women are terrible for squeezing into little outfits for a night out, often with sturdy underwear which we aren’t used to wearing for the majority of the time and we end up feeling uncomfortable and can’t relax to enjoy ourselves.

So, Louise’s Top Tips for the Christmas Season are:

  • You should always feel fabulous in what you are wearing.
  • Wear a size that is comfortable and fits you, don’t go by the label as every shop sizing is different.
  • Buy clothes that fit you now, not what you are going to slim into for Christmas as it adds unnecessary pressure and stress to what should be an enjoyable time.
  • Wear the right underwear, it should smooth bumps and not suck you in!
  • Add lots of sparkle,  there are many colours out there, not just black, which can be worn at Christmas.

We feel that Louise has ‘lifted’ Somerset Ladies in Business, she always brings character and a fabulous sense of humour. She has good grace and her honesty is real but kind, that is why she is proving to be a huge success. It’s incredibly easy to warm to Louise.

So give her a call or message her and let her work her magic, sprinkle her particular kind of fairy dust over you, to make you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

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