Karina Barton


Do you use the telephone and broadband?  Do you have electricity and maybe even gas?  We all have a mobile.  Would you like to pay less for them?

What we do at the Utility Warehouse is to show people how to make big savings on all these essential services while getting the best provider in the country.  ‘Which?’ magazine has named us as the best utility provider in the UK.  That is because not only is our broadband good but our customers have rated us top for everything we do, i.e. fantastic customer service from London, great value and, something everyone loves, all your services on one convenient bill. 

Once people have seen how much they can save and how good it is, they want to pass it on to their friends and families and they get paid for doing just that.  So we show people how to save money and how to make money.  Sound like a no-brainer to you?  Me too.

My husband and I are both retired – I used to teach people the piano, but we love telling people about the better alternative that is the Utility Warehouse.  It is something we can do totally flexibly, when we choose and the income we make adds very substantially to our pensions and we can leave it in our wills too, which is a nice feeling.

I would love the opportunity to show any of you how it can work for you too. 

Karina Barton


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