Januarys Member Showcase


This month Louise Curwen from IQ Online Marketing and Sally Maidment from Design Bean showcased their businesses.

Louise explained that she runs IQ Online Marketing with her daughter Rosa, who is a talented videographer. They build websites for small to medium sized businesses as well as shoot, edit and market business videos.

She explained the importance of having an effective website, it must be easy for visitors to use as well as look professional and appealing. With a strong marketing and design background IQ Online Marketing make sure that all areas are covered.

Your business will be judged online, having a dated or amateurish website could lead potential customers/clients to think that your products or services will be substandard too.

Sally explained that she is a Graphic Designer based in Taunton. 

She has been working in the design and print industry for over 8 years and loves everything about what she does. She gained her BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design in 2002 and has worked with companies large and small, from start-up enterprises to large international firms.

Each project she work on is an opportunity to do some amazing work that connects with the intended audience and brings increased business to the client. She always produces a high standard of work and makes sure she is proud of every job she does. I always follow a strategic approach; Get to know the company culture, research the target audience, the competition and the current market.

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