February’s Showcase


This month were heard from Ceri- Ann Taylor, from Enable Law & Bev Alderson, from Practically Balanced.

Ceri-Ann Taylor is a Senior Associate for Enable Law and acts for claimants with life threatening or severe and permanent injuries, sustained as a result of a medical accident. Her aim is to help her clients through what is inevitably a challenging time, by obtaining compensation for what they have unnecessarily been through, not only in monetary terms but also to provide funding for their future needs. https://www.enablelaw.com/

Bev Alderson from Practically Balanced. Bev works with individuals, groups and workplaces who are wanting to take a more positive and proactive approach to enhancing their health and wellbeing and in turn achieving greater results. Bev provides ‘Wellbeing at Work’ and ‘Wellbeing for Schools’ module based training that help to create a culture of wellbeing by equipping employees with the knowledge and tools on how to enhance their wellbeing and in turn their effectiveness. https://www.practicallybalanced.com/

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